What is Scalping?

Scalping is a well-known trading strategy where a trader tries to gain a minuscule profit from small changes in the price by rapidly buying and selling a financial instrument. Any trader using a scalping trading strategy is often called a “scalper.” Scalpers or traders who employ scalping trading strategies believe that directional movement of price… Read More »

What is Leverage?

In the simplest form, the word leverage is the financial jargon for credit or borrowed money. Anytime a person or company borrows money or any “value” to conduct a transaction, it is effectively using leverage. For example, if a person wants to buy a house worth $150,000 with $50,000 down payment and a $100,000 mortgage,… Read More »

What is Forex?

Forex stands for foreign exchange, which is an international over the counter (OTC) market for trading various national currencies. Unlike many financial instruments, such as bonds and stocks, the Forex market has no central infrastructure. The over the counter nature of the Forex means that any time two willing natural persons or commercial entities reach… Read More »

An Overview of Money Management and Different Models

Money management is a major and vital weapon in forex trading. Literally, it’s the knowledge and expertise in managing your own account. Most forex traders fail to success due to lack of good money management skills. In order to survive in the markets, every trader must know the value of every penny they are risking.… Read More »

What is Stochastic Indicator and How to Use it

The stochastic indicator measures overbought and oversold situations as well as the beginnings and endings of cycles in the forex market. This indicator is considered as an oscillator which indicates the position of the existing closing price of an index corresponding to the high or low range over a period of time. The idea behind… Read More »

What is a Pip and How to Calculate Its Value?

If you are planing to become a forex trader then learning about the pip is the most crucial topic to start with. Because it will help you to calculate your profits and losses. A “pip” means “percentage in point”.A pip is the smallest price change of a given exchange rate. It measures in the changes… Read More »

Why Physical Silver Belongs in Your Portfolio.. NOW!

If someone invested in Silver back in 2001 for $5 per ounce, they could have made a fortune by selling that ounce of Silver in 2001 for $48, with almost a tenfold return. This is because most investors considered precious metals like Silver as a safe investment during uncertain times during the last decade. Amid… Read More »

An Introduction to Pin Bars

There are those who use indicators and there are those who use price action. I like to combine these two approaches to yield better results. Heck, if I knew how to trade the Forex market using fundamentals, I would have put that distinction in macroeconomics that I got back in school to work! As a… Read More »